Keynote: Improv Fundamentals for Effective Communication

Monday 8:15 – 9:30 AM

Session Description

Many of the tools that improvisers use to be successful onstage have offstage applications in the real world and, more specifically, in the business world, especially in the area of effective communications skills. This highly interactive session will introduce participants to the foundational principals of improvisation and how applying them can result in more productive communication.

You’ll learn how to

  • Use a ‘Yes, And’ Framework to explore and heighten new ideas and opportunities
  • Raising awareness of personal leadership and communication style for ease of adapting
  • Active Listening (listening to understand); to build a stronger communication base for authentic and informed conversations
  • Creating a trustworthy and collaborative environment to build bridges in conversation
  • Pivoting to drop personal agendas, while still honoring shared goals
  • Recognizing the opportunity to collaborate in order to find great solutions


The Second City Works

From the world famous The Second City Theater that gave us such famous comedic actors as Dan Ackroyd, John Belushi, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Steve Carel, and Steven Colbert comes a proven and innovative training methodology that builds the skills while being interactive, engaging, and thought provoking.