Being Superman: 4 Concepts That Help Leaders Understand (Dis)Ability.

Monday 4:15 – 5:15 PM

Session Description

More than 25% of the population has a disability in some form. Disability related issues are the #1 EEOC complaint. With this in mind, we have to keep working to ensure that 1) our organization creates an environment that is accepting of persons with (dis)abilities and 2) we as leaders have a working knowledge of what (dis)ability is and how to celebrate it. During this presentation I infuse my life story of overcoming challenges both on and off the football field with practical knowledge relating to ability and inclusion.


Paul Artale

Paul Artale, Author and speaker. Paul works with organizations to focus on how work-life initiatives and awareness improves employee retention, satisfaction, and performance. He is also a PhD Candidate in Higher Education with a focus on Human Resource Management at Michigan State University.

Paul has spoken to hundreds of organizations inspiring, educating and sharing his stories and triumphs. He teaches audiences tools and methods to over come obstacles, practical strategies to recruit and retain a diverse workforce and steps to create actions in their daily lives to live the life of your dreams.