Managing the Absent Employee

Monday 2:45 – 3:45 PM

Session Description

One of HR’s intractable challenges is managing sick, injured, ill, disabled, or otherwise absent employees. The ADA and the FMLA made this process complicated enough in years past; but now, the proliferation of other state and local laws has added another layer of complexity and risk. In this presentation, Neil H. Dishman of Jackson Lewis P.C., an attorney who helps employers prevent and resolve disputes with employees, will provide the road map through this maze. Join us as Mr. Dishman covers both the legal and business sides of managing absent employees.


Neil Dishman

Neil H. Dishman is a Principal in the Chicago office of Jackson Lewis P.C., a national law firm representing management exclusively in workplace law and related litigation. His business is helping employers prevent and resolve disputes with their employees.
Mr. Dishman helps employers reduce risk and minimize legal costs by giving advice on difficult personnel decisions before litigation ensues. When litigation is unavoidable, he helps employers protect their assets and reputations by vigorously and efficiently defending them from employee lawsuits.