The Non-Obvious Solution to the Employee Engagement Equation

Monday 10:00 – 11:00 AM

Session Description

We all want highly engaged employees, yet decades of employee engagement efforts have produced very few results. Why? Because we have been mistakenly focused on making employees happy and satisfied, rather than figuring out what’s getting in the way of them being successful. In this session, culture and engagement experts Jamie Notter and Maddie Grant will share key lessons from their third book, The Non-Obvious Guide to Employee Engagement, to help you find and fix the patterns inside your culture that are preventing engagement. They’ll give you a framework for drafting an engagement “playbook” that will improve both employee experience and organizational results.


Jamie Notter

Jamie is an author and culture consultant who helps leaders drive growth and engagement by activating and aligning workplace culture. With 25 years of experience in conflict resolution, generational differences, and culture change, Jamie is also the author of three books (Humanize, When Millennials Take Over, and The Non-Obvious Guide to Employee Engagement), and holds a Master’s in conflict resolution from George Mason and a certificate in Organization Development from Georgetown, where he also serves as adjunct faculty.