The New HR–Recruiting, Marketing, and ROI

Monday 4:15 – 5:15 PM

Session Description

Ready to market to today’s new workforce? HR professionals no longer just manage HR, they also are wearing marketing hats as well. To best position your organization as a desirable workplace, HR professionals have to “market” their organization. In addition to “selling” the company, HR professionals must be creative and find new ways to be competitive with standout compensation packages. “Unique and emerging benefits” are the new compensation buzzwords–innovative compensation structures (Total Rewards), flexible hours, working remotely, fun employee activities, etc. are what appeals to today’s top talent. So HR professionals, get ready to get creative.


James Morgan

Talent attraction is like the weather … everyone is talking about it, but can anything be done about it? Daily, employers and HR professionals are grappling with attracting, developing, and retaining talent. Working on this issue for 30 years, Jim helps employers understand that demographics are driving their troubles and provides solutions for talent acquisition based on best practices. He has facilitated strategic planning sessions primarily around developing a talent pipeline for employers and provided keynote presentations for groups from 50 to over 1000. Jim incorporates mix of data, experiences, stories, and humor to make his presentations educational and lively.