The Swinging Pendulum of Leadership & Culture

Monday 10:00 – 11:00 AM

Session Description

Holly O’Donnell addresses the challenges of employee engagement and how this engagement impacts company culture. She delivers sustainable and solution based tactics to enhance leadership styles and shift the cultural thread of an organization. Discussions focus on establishing cultural missions, setting expectations, providing appreciation, and insightful coaching. Tactical and implementable practices to impact employee engagement are presented in this thought provoking session.


Holly O’Donnell

Leadership and Communication expert, Holly O’Donnell combines over 20 years of consulting and training expertise to speaking engagements. International Leadership and motivational speaker proficient in client engagement, Holly simplifies the psychological approach of communication and interpersonal skills, helping clients gain perspective into how we hold ourselves back when we communicate. Her success comes by helping individuals shift viewpoints to genuinely see from the other person’s perspective.