Motivating, Growing & Coaching Employees of ALL Generations

Monday 2:45 – 3:45 PM

Session Description

This session will present techniques & strategies that can be immediately & easily applied to assist employees of all generations in their professional & personal growth, and job-related motivation. Specific attention will be placed on goal-setting, increasing intrinsic motivation, reward selection, & specific related leadership strategies. Participants will also receive information on how to improve listening to make coaching sessions shorter and more results-focused. Ideas will be shared re: coaching “homework”, and the determination of “Will vs. Skill” for the less-than successful employee. Examples of all research results, assessment tools & management strategies will be handed out to participants.


Dr. Bruce Miles

Dr. Bruce Miles is the owner & CEO of the Big River Group, LLC. He has been an Assistant Professor & taught Graduate & Doctoral coursework in the areas of leadership, research, planning, finance & personnel. He is a national-level presenter and trainer in the areas of strategic planning, organizational improvement, organizational conflict, & difficult employees. Bruce has worked as a consultant for the past thirty-four years and works with more than 8,000 participants/120 organizations each year across the United States & Canada.