Ethical Leadership 5 Point Plan to calibrate our “Blind Spots”

Monday 2:45 – 3:45 PM

Session Description

In this session we will focus on why 10 out of 100 leaders will fail due to ethical mishaps or leadership blind spots.

What are blind spots?
How do they affect my career?
How can I identify my blind spots?

Leadership blind spots are unproductive behaviors that are invisible to us but glaring to everyone else. Our behavioral blind spots create dire and unintended consequences: They corrupt decision-making, reduce our scope of awareness, create enemies, destroy careers, and sabotage business results. In good times, blind spots are annoying and frustrating; in tough times, they can be lethal. Have you found yourself mired in a career rut, even though you’ve worked tirelessly to position yourself as a leader? If so, there may be factors that you’re unaware of that are holding you back from being seen as leadership material. In this course, learn how to identify blind spots, that are holding you back, and manage them to accelerate your career growth.

Instructor Abi Montes dives into the nuances of blind spots, explaining why they matter when it comes to career success, and which intangible skills can help you find and eliminate these roadblocks. Abi also covers ways to find and close the gaps between your perception of yourself and your reputation. He explores specific examples of leadership blind spots commonly seen in the business world and provides steps that you can take to mitigate your perception problems.


Abiud Montes

Abiud Montes enlisted in the United States Marine Corps on September 11, 1989. In 1990 he was deployed to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait for Combat Operations in Operation Desert Storm where he served as a Tow Gunner with 8 th Tank Battalion (Anti-Tank) TOW Company. Shortly after the war, he transferred back to the Selected Marine Corps Reserve and in 1994 washired as a Firefighter for the City of Hollywood. Because of his experience as a Marine and knowledge of military Honor Guard protocol, he was later selected as an Honor Guard member to represent the City of Hollywood Fire Department in New York for the 9/11 Memorial Ceremony to Honor the fallen firefighters of the New York City Fire Department. Abiud has been working for the City of Hollywood for 23 years.