Open, honest and direct: a guide to getting the most out of your people

Tuesday 11:15 AM – 12:15 PM

Session Description

Radical transparency is key to creating a high performing team. Establishing an atmosphere in which both managers and team members are open, honest and direct in their communication creates an atmosphere of psychological safety where team members feel free to share ideas and feedback. In this session, Aaron Levy of Raise The Bar provides the guideposts to creating a radically transparent environment in your workplace.


Aaron Levy

Aaron is the Founder and CEO of Raise The Bar, an organization focused on helping companies create high performing teams by building better leaders.

Aaron is the author of the best selling book, Open, Honest, and Direct: A Guide to Unlocking Your Team’s Potential, the host of the Open, Honest, and Direct podcast, the Co-Director of Startup Grind Chicago, a Thrive Global contributor, an 1871 mentor, an ICF Certified Coach and a member of the Forbes Coaches Council.

Over the last decade, Aaron has worked with over 7,500 business leaders in a variety of industries, inspiring them to define their goals, create tactical action plans, and achieve sustained success. Aaron is on a mission to transform the manager role by empowering each manager with the tools, skills, and training to be leaders of people who unlock the potential of their team.